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Essentials in Leading Simple Life

“Simple living” or simplicity is a voluntary lifestyle It is that favors values such as family and the environment over material consumption and income. It has been linked not only to improved environmental sustainability but also boosted mental and physical health. This trend has been growing increasing popular as more people...
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Lifestyle for Skin Care

Are plastics in skin care killing your healthy glow? It’s quite possible. Countless cosmetics are filled with chemicals known as “cones,” such as dimethicone or silicone. While cones aren’t the worst health offenders, they’re a nightmare for skin. They seal off pores, preventing your skin from breathing and functioning properly....
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10 Spiritual Paths By Deepak Chopra

The entire spiritual path could be described as learning to let go, but letting go all at once isn’t possible. This is a path of many small steps, a process of replacing automatic reactions with deepened awareness. Here are the guidelines along the path that have proved effective...
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